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A mid-ranged roadster, amongst the most expensive cars in its class, the Boxster is the first road vehicle made by Porsche since 550 Spider. Therefore, the owners of this vehicle think twice when it comes to replacing its old parts with new ones and look out for people who second their concerns. Porsche Boxster has seen minor modifications since its first release but overall has been the same popular car. A true Boxster fan will love to retain the parts of the car but would also not like to compromise on quality when these would need replacements. Hence, they would want a genuine dealer which could provide them with quality products at the right price. There are various such dealers who understand this and offers high-quality Boxster parts at very competitive rates. At online porsche boxster car cover parts shop, customers will find a host of Porsche products such as body kits, brakes, engine parts, exhaust, headlights, interiors, spoiler, suspension, wheels, and a lot more. The products are genuine and are guaranteed. The dealer believes in customer satisfaction and offers the best possible services. A wide variety of quality products are available at some really unbelievable price. The site also offers details about prices, designs, and models and makes it’s really convenient for a shopper to pay.

Speed is one of the most important aspects of driving. Good speed depends on good wheels and rims this car has some great performing parts.  The most popular brands of wheels and rims suitable for all the models of the Porsche Boxster and Boxster S are available. The true fun of a luxury car can only experience good performance. Engine parts such as oil filters, motor mounts, bearings, cylinder sets, oil pumps, etc. which improve the performance of the car are easily available the website. Porsche Boxster already has good and classy interiors, but customers looking for a change or those wanting to add uniqueness to their cars could use customized interiors. The site has a wide range of original like floor mats, seat covers, DVD players as well as several other interior accessories. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and designs to add beauty to their little babies.

Know the Different Parts of Boxster

The owner of Boxster car truly experiences elegance, power and grace. The artistic curves on the face and body of this car are a visual delight. Droopy headlights of Boxster with its desire for speed and two seating capacity is very much attractive. This luxurious beauty is all decked up with finest taillights, dashboards, doors and rearview mirrors one can ever find in this vast universe. All Boxster parts are thoroughly researched before they are fitted. The detail and inspection of each part is observable when you really have a ride on one such mean machines. Boxster has great features like the mid-engine and rear wheel roadsters drive having two seats and two doors. Leather furnishings wonderfully decorate interiors of this car. Dashboard, when illuminated with ambient features of lighting, seems like a classy scene of any science fiction movie. The merging of extravagant architectural design can be seen in the interior layout. Machine stitches on seat covers are of best quality and floor mats are comfortable and soft to step on. The sloped angular curves on bumpers are most accurate and give this car a sensual appeal. Boxster accessories include cup holder, a glovebox and revised design of climate control switches. In addition, new glass window at the back with a defroster is what you can expect from the car with its base price.

In case, your bumpers have had a hard life on the streets, hosts of tailored body kits are easily available. In addition, you can change the parts of body such as rims and suspensions if they have worn out or just for face lifting your car occasionally. Numerous alloy rims available can give your Boxster a new refreshing look. Oil filters, piston sets, motor mounts, camshafts, main bearings and other boxster parts are available easily. Porsche Boxster is the owner’s pride, so finding right parts for replacing worn out ones is important for owners of this superb speed king. Thus, with the powerful and sleek design and extraordinary performance along with wide range of accessories, Boxster truly remains a car of best choice among sports car enthusiasts.

Porsche wheels can be categorized based on different models. The first among them is the Porsche 911 alloy wheels. Buying a wheel that fits for all models of Porsche 911 is very difficult and there are companies, which provide Porsche 911 alloy wheels that fit to all models of 911 starting from the 1963 model. There can be some additional fitting to add more style to these alloy wheels. The next category Porsche wheels are that of the Porsche Boxster that is sports car launched in 1997. The wheels of this speedster are the most crucial part of this vehicle as the speed and performance of the vehicle directly depend on the quality of its wheels. Porsche Cayenne is another model of Porsche which is a midsize sports car having beautiful wheels. The performance of this car entirely depends on its wheels along with its powerful engine. This category of the Porsche Wheels available in the market also comes along with option of rim covers that embosses the prestigious Porsche logo over it.

The wheels available are manufactured and tested under every possible harsh condition. Another category of Porsche Wheels are that of the 2006 launched Porsche Cayman, which has got appreciations from all over the world because of its unique design. Any person owning a Porsche Cayman can get its wheels in the market if he or she wants to change the original factory made wheels only thing is he should look for the right place to buy them from as it is very difficult to get the original like quality outside. The last category in the wheels available outside for people who wants to change them in the case of a damaged factory made wheels is that of the midsized sports car from Porsche that is the Panamera.

Porsche Cayman: Pushing the Limits of an Ordinary Supercar

When people hear the word Cayman, the first thing that pops into their minds is the luxurious and grandiose British territory that is a great holiday spot where you can just kick it and relax. However, this type of luxury connected to the Cayman islands is not only limited to that British territory, because you can experience a great and luxurious driving experience that Porsche is sure to deliver with the Porsche Cayman. Without a doubt, this car is everything that you can expect, and maybe even more.

The Porsche Cayman appeared as an offshoot of the Porsche Boxster’s second generation of cars. By May 2005, photos were released, but the model car itself was made available to Porsche enthusiasts later in July of 2006. The Porsche Cayman, also called the 987c, shared many components with the Porsche 987, from the fenders, trunk lid, as well as the mid-engine platform. However, the design of the Cayman’s body infused classic styles from two different Porsche cars, namely: the 550 and 904. Unlike the 987, the 987c had a bigger luggage area on top and at the back of the engine cover. One particular difference from the Boxster is that the Cayman had a hard top while Boxsters are always made to be convertibles. The Porsche Cayman S has staggeringly brilliant performance levels, wherein it can perform near the greatness of that flagship Porsche car; the 911 Carrera. The Porsche Cayman S is recorded to reach 0 to 60 in just as little as 4.8 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour in just 18.6 seconds. When ran in the legendary track Nrburgring Nordschleife, the Cayman S clocked in a time of 8 minutes and 11 seconds while the standard Cayman had a total time of 8 minutes and 20 seconds, which shows a great advantage over the Porsche 911 Carrera that clocked in at 8 minutes, 15 seconds. It was quite the talk in car town when manufacturers said that an LSD, or limited slip differential, will not be included in the creation of the Cayman, since putting that in would mean making its performance levels too dangerously near the 911 Carrera. However, the 2009 model did allow an LSD installation as an added option. Porsche have never ceased to impress. From car shows, to race tracks and even in the Autobahn, the Porsche Cayman will always be competitive when it comes to speed and it’s great performance is enough to topple the flagship car of its own manufacturing company.

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It is a kind of 2009 Diariomotor Awards but organizing the cars using other criteria than the type to which it belongs. So, Playboy will show in its double issue of January and February a special report on the “hottest” cars of 2010 and of course you must be hot for the sense of innovation and style, not the other way around.

Here is the list of the ten hottest cars according to several criteria:

The Playboy 2010-year-oldcar: the hottest of all is the Porsche Panamera, undoubtedly one of the revelations of last year to suppose another small step of broadening of view in Porsche. At Panamera we selected it among the best saloons of 2009 and you placed it in the second position of ranking.

The best cabriolet: throughout 2009 several convertibles have been presented and some with a lot of tradition for having the “supercar” brand but who has received the honor of this award has been the Ferrari California. Rival in beauty with the very Alfa Romeo 8C Competition Spider or the Aston Martin DBS Volante.

The best value in power: the Nissan 370Z has something special, its Japanese style and its atmospheric power speak for themselves. Playboy chooses the 370Z played by Nismo as one of the best and most sporting. Nismo tightens the nuts to the 370Z on the outside and in step increases the power to 350 HP.

The most affordable for the pocket: looking for the balance between sportsmanship and price Playboy names the Mazdaspeed3, known in Europe as Mazda 3 MPS, as the most affordable car for the pocket. Of course, among those of its power is one of the cheapest but wins the Renault Meganne RS for example.

The best diesel car: the Audi A3 TDI wins as the best diesel car although presumably it has not only won for its diesel economy but also for its appearance and level of quality. We must applaud that in the “TDI e” version get the same consumption as the most “economized” utilities.

The best reborn beauty:The Ford Taurus SHO (Super Hight Output). It is an American classic that was manufactured from 1989 to 1999 and has now been remodeled in the form of a 4wheeldrive sports saloon with 365 hp. It is very good for the American market but here it says rather little.

The best crossover: for all the functionality it brings with its line closest to a coupe the best crossover for Playboy is the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. You cannot subtract any prominence because it has created a new car format that time will tell if it is able to adjust to the market or that the market fits it.

he heats negatively affects the performance of the engine and it loses power. In addition, it increases the risk of breakdowns. For example, 35% of the cars that come to the workshop during the summer do so as a result of a breakdown in their air conditioning or air conditioning system, according to data from the European Network Vehicle Warranty Group (REGV). For this, it is advisable to protect the car from the sun and heat. has developed a series of tips to take care of the car and for the proper functioning of the air conditioning during the summer months: Monitor the temperature of the engine. The indicator is usually on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge. In cold, it will be in the lowest position, but at 5-10 minutes it should reach the optimum temperature (about 90 degrees). Of course, the needle should never reach the red zone if you do not want to burn the engine. If it does, an emergency solution is to put the car’s heating as much as possible, since this way you release heat from the engine and avoid a greater evil. In summer, the tires reach a higher temperature, especially when driving fast. If we take the pressure too low, the tread will heat up even more, something that will shorten your life by up to 15%. Therefore, among our tips to get the car ready before you travel, we recommend checking the tire pressure. The tires are susceptible to suffer problems as a direct consequence of the high temperatures of the asphalt. In 2012 there were around 150,000 punctures during the summer months. To brake, the brake pads rub against the disc. This generates heat and in summer the temperatures they reach are even higher. In addition, due to the external heat, its cooling is more difficult. These circumstances make it easier for the brakes to overheat. The car brakes much less and shortens the life of the brake fluid and the discs can deform. For a good maintenance of the brakes, in prolonged downs, it uses short gears to step less on the brakes and avoid aggressive driving. Try to park in the shade, especially in the middle of the day. Consider also the movements of the sun, perhaps at the time of leaving the car to stay in the sun, but after a while it will be in the shade. Always put a parasol on the front windshield (and if you want also on the rear) and use guards for the steering wheel. You will avoid those “terrible moments” of driving back and burning your hands, which will increase your safety. Wash the car on a regular basis. The most gourmets can use wax with absorbent for ultraviolet rays, which protects the car’s paint from the damage caused by the sun. The leather and vinyl parts of the interior also require special cleaning so that they do not age quickly. The air conditioning. Make sure that the car’s cooling system is in perfect condition. If it does not work well, the summer heat will cause the engine to overheat much more easily, which will increase the risk of breakdowns. The best way to prevent any of the components of the air conditioner from spoiling is to avoid using it at maximum performance. It is more efficient, more ecological and less aggressive for the system to start and start the march with the windows open and connect it later, when the interior temperature equals that of the outside. It is also convenient that you do not spend a lot of time standing. It is recommended to put it into operation also in winter, so that the compressor starts. This way the fluids circulate in the system and obstructions will be avoided. You can use it to defrost the crystals in winter, a task for which air conditioning is key. An important element is the cabin air filter. It is responsible for stopping impurities and pollen before the air passes from the street to the passenger compartment. With the passage of time accumulates dust, pollen, bacteria and other waste, hence manufacturers recommend changing it at least once a year or every 15,000 kilometers, or even earlier if you usually circulate dirty terrain. Why does air conditioning smell bad? Sometimes, in old vehicles, the air conditioner has an unpleasant odor. That bad smell comes from the system itself. Over time, moisture has accumulated in the ducts and, with the passage of time, that humidity causes bacteria and mold to appear. Air conditioning systems are designed to minimize these accumulations of moisture, but not always achieved.   It is a closed place with cold air and liquid, so it is not easy to avoid those accumulations that are then sent directly to the interior of the cabin. One way to prevent it is to use the heating from time to time, to eliminate excess moisture generated using air conditioning in the ducts. The ideal is to disassemble the system completely, to dry it and clean it well. That supposes an important cost of time (if you know how to do it yourself) or money (if you want a workshop to do it). The most feasible solution is in the purifiers. They cost around 100 euros and fight from body odors to those that produce fungi and bacteria in the air conditioning system of the vehicle, by means of ozone or ion generators

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